Country Gardens Eggs & Produce

Farm Fresh Eggs

We started selling eggs summer of 2008.

Because of the popularity of the eggs, we increased our flock every year,

summer of 2013 we had 250 laying. We are adding 250 for 2014.

This is our flock laying in winter of 2013-2014. About 200 hens here.

The new ladies for 2012 season.

250 hatched on October 3, 2013. They are Ameraucana's & a Hybrid brown egg layer.

We will get brown eggs from the Hybrids. Blue, green & pinkish from the Ameraucauna's.

These same girls on December 28, 2013.

2013-2014 hens.

Black ones are Australorp's. Gold one is Buff Orpington.

Gray one is an Ameraucana. Red ones are Gold Star layers.

Our winter egg program is growing every year.

We now have 33 members that pick up eggs once or twice a month.

I met them at Drummers Garden Center parking lot or at the winter Farmers Market

also held at Drummers Garden Center Greenhouse.

To join the egg program, simply e-mail me at;

Leave your name, address & phone number.

No Membership fee.

I will e-mail everyone on Thursday before pickup day.

Then you reply with number & size of eggs you would like. Simple as that.

That will guarantee eggs for you.

We start in November. 

We will meet at Drummers Garden Center parking lot.

November 2

November 16, also Farmers Market day.

December 7

December 21, also Farmers Market day.

January 11, also Farmers Market day.

January 25

February 8, also Farmers Market day.

February 22

March 8

March 22

April 5

April 19

Then on May 3rd summer Farmers Market begins at Best Buy parking lot.

Winter Farmers Market hours are 10 AM until 1 PM.

Winter pickup hours are 10 AM until 11 AM.

Summer Farmers Market hours are;

Saturday's, 8 AM until noon. Tuesday & Thursday 3:30 PM until 6 PM.

Eggs can be short at summer markets.

You can e-mail me at so we save eggs for you.

Tuesday & Thursday market e-mail by noon that day.

Saturday market e-mail by 8 PM Friday.

Just tell us how many you need.